Elbelle (hobbitheart) wrote in aussiequeereye,


name - Helen
age - 17
location - Melbourne
favourite of the fab 5 - I'll never tire of Carson or Thom, but I'm desperately in love with Kyan.
other favourite tv shows - Queer As Folk [US], Gilmore Girls and Alias.
describe yourself in 5 words - energetic, friendly, caring, funny, empathetic.

A question for you all: Does anyone have a favourite transformation?

I personally loved Brian [Butch] from the first season and the fact that he maintained the apartment and his look. It was a great example of how effective our elite team are.

Anyway, looking forward to Carson on Rove [Live] tonight! And I'm also wondering why "tjuzing" isn't in the Interests List for this Comm. :)
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